Epee Open Fencing Moves Indoors

Hi All,

We are opening Epee practice/ Open Fencing for adults who have received at least one vaccine dose. Practice time is currently 7pm-9pm. Location is Asheville Catholic School gym as usual, but parking/entrance is now next to the flagpole due to construction. This group is currently open to all fencers with previous epee experience who own their own jacket, glove and mask. Please reach out to us by email at FencingClubAsheville@gmail.com before showing up since we’re trying to keep track of headcount for the gym size. Breathing masks are required to be worn under fencing masks.

For kids and foil fencers, please stay tuned. We will open up a foil practice group on Wed nights in the next few weeks when conditions permit. For now, there is an outdoor practice group meeting on weekends in a driveway. Please reach out to FencingClubAsheville@gmail.com if you’re interested in joining that group.

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