When and Where

Practice Schedule:

Wednesday Night at Asheville Catholic School:

Beginners Class (6:30-7:40pm) Beginners classes scheduled at 6:30pm time will last approximately 1 hour and a few extra minutes until 7:30-7:40.

Open Fencing (7:30-10pm) Intermediate or more Experienced fencers  self-directed training and take lessons with coaches.  After 9pm we’re going to be focusing on bouting/boutwork and having fun.


We are currently Located at the Asheville Catholic School gym at 12 Culvein St., Asheville, NC 28806.  The school is behind the Ingles grocery story on Merrimon and Beaverdam in North Asheville.  The gym is the first parking lot on the left before the main entrance (next to the playground)

2 thoughts on “When and Where

  1. Ron Basini

    Happy New Year.

    I would very much like to receive information about your beginner classes.

    Best regards,

    Ron Basini

    1. BrenFCAsheville Post author

      Hi Ron,

      Thanks for the question. Can you be more specific about what additional info you need? I’d like to edit the page to add any more details that people need that aren’t included. Our next chance for beginners to start will be the first Wed of February, February 3rd. We start beginners the first Wed of every month. You can also email or call at fencingclubasheville@gmail.com or 301-537-0211 with your additional questions,

      Thanks again,


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