Open Fencing and Practice

Open Fencing and Practice is what we are currently offering to experienced fencers.  By which we mean non-beginners with about 3 months experience or more.

Our Open Fencing nights are: 

  • Wed from 7:30-10pm at Asheville Catholic School (12 Culvern st Asheville NC, 28804)

As we grow, we expect to create better practice opportunities and spaces for fencing in Asheville.  By showing up to Open Fencing now you will help build this in our city.

First Visit is Free.  After that our basic membership is $30 (the first $10 of which will be paid as USA fencing dues) or you can pay a $10 floor fee each practice.  More info on paperwork and membership here.

To receive notifications in the event of a cancelled class or open fencing, Please join our google group.

Fencers are able to fence Foil and Epee in Open Fencing.  We expect to have at least one or two people capable of giving you a good practice in Foil, Epee, but (not currently) Sabre.  We’re always trying to get a sabre group together so hopefully one day we will offer all three weapons.

Equipment is not reeaaaally provided.  (except for beginners classes)  We expect folks who are attending Open Fencing to bring their own equipment.  However we do have a limited supply of gear to lend, and we hope to foster an environment where fencers help each other with equipment.  If you wanna get back into fencing and don’t have your gear, please come to practice and we’ll do our best with the gear we have to share.   We are expanding our club inventory to meet fencers needs.

Training methods are what you make them but we’re focusing on bouts and boutwork.    Coaches will be keeping things moving, giving short lessons, organizing drills, and instigating brawls asking you to fence certain people.  Ultimately however, this is your two or three hours to use to have fun and make yourself a better fencer.  Please bring your best training ideas and share them with coach and clubmates!

Have Fun during practice, and then let’s all go out afterwards.

5 thoughts on “Open Fencing and Practice

  1. Robin

    Hi! I am an experienced fencer (foil, epee) living in the Tri cities, and looking to get back into competitive fencing (slowly… ☺️) I have my own electric weapons and lame, and would like to know if your club has scoring machines? I have been away so long I think they may have done away with the reel system, at least for the Olympics.

    Anyway, I would like to drop in for a practice, hopefully when you meet again in January.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    1. BrenFCAsheville Post author

      Hi Robin,

      We have scoring machines (three of them) for Open Fencing. Reels are still a thing except at VERY high level competitions. You are more than welcome to drive down and drop in for a practice (and the customary post-practice beer, it is Asheville.) We made the club specifically for folks who fenced before (like we did) to have a place to fence in our area, so you’ll be more than welcome. Please give me a call if you have any questions.


      1. Robin

        Thanks Bren, sounds great! Looking forward to meeting you in January, and until then, have a happy and safe holiday season.


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