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Fencing Club of Asheville is devoted to the Olympic Sport of Fencing and competitive participation in that sport.  We aspire to be a club that teaches all three weapons, Sabre, Epee and Foil.  Our members will push and help each other to be the best fencers we can be and achieve the best results in local, regional, national and collegiate events.

Fencing Club of Asheville is proud to be a member of USA Fencing the official governing body of the sport in the USA.  Our members are encouraged to fence in all local events in both North Carolina and South Carolina divisions.

Founders and coaching staff:

Todd Wilson – Founder, Foil and Epee Coach –  Started fencing as a teenager in Detroit, Michigan. Fenced competitively with the Touche’ Fencing Club coached by Peter Zay in Charlotte, NC.  Relocated to Asheville, NC in 2012. Todd is an educator at Asheville Catholic, our Wednesday Night practice location.

Bren McAneny –  Founder, Foil Coach – Started fencing in 1992 in the DC area, Moved to Asheville in 2012.  Fenced Foil at Northwestern University.

Club bylaws as a 501c3 organization

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Nicholas White

    The site looks fantastic Bren. Also, I’d love to put up pictures in the About Us section.

  2. Robin

    Todd, Bren and Nick – Thanks SO MUCH for the introduction to your club and a fantastically fun night of fencing! Great drills, enthusiasm, and venue. I honestly couldn’t ask for more.

    I actually felt pretty good the next day (honestly, I think it’s been 14 years, not 12…) and look forward to making it down your way once a month, and possibly more if my schedule allows.

    Thanks too Jeremy – I’m looking forward to a foil rematch!


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