Fencing Resumes August 28th – Sept 4th for Beginners

Fencing will resume on August 28th for all previous students who were practicing at any time in the 2018-2019 season.   If you fenced last year, you’ll be a member of the intermediate class (also 7pm-8pm) and/or be welcome to attend Open fencing (8pm-10pm) as you prefer.   Please talk to Bren if you have questions about what group is best for you.  Returning members must renew their USA Fencing membership at (at least) the $10 non-competitive level.

For New Beginners, the beginner class will start on September 4th.  Please RSVP by emailing fencingclubasheville@gmail.com.   (If we already emailed, no need to do it again.)  The first class is a free trial to see if the sport is right for you.   More details here: http://www.fencingclubasheville.com/beginner-classes/

After this session of the beginner class, the next chance for new beginners to start will be January 8th 2020.


Next Wed, May 29th we will start beginner classes at 7:15 and go until 8:15.  The school will have an awards ceremony that ends around 7pm.

June 5th, we will be NOT have practice due to school graduation.

Last chance for Beginners to start until September is this Wed, 3/27

Our next group of beginners will start this week on Wed 3/27 from 7:00-8:15pm.

We are looking pretty tight on space so please email me at FencingClubAsheville@gmail.com if you haven’t already reserved your spot.   At this point, we’re as full as we can get safely.  If you haven’t reached out to us today, you’ll have to wait until September to start.

After this week our next chance for beginners to start will be in September (although fencers with previous experience are always welcome).



End of Fall Beginner Session

Tomorrow will be the last class of our fall session.  All fencers from the fall session will be able to continue to Winter session as part of the intermediate group.

At practice we’ll have a brief discussion of what happens after a cycle of beginner classes.  The full scoop will be at the link below.  Please feel free to ask Bren any questions at the end of practice.

Intermediate and Open Fencing