Beginner Fencing Class starting Wed Sept 7th

Fencing Club Asheville is going to be starting Fall Beginner Classes Wednesday Sept 7th at 6:30-7:45pm

Location will be unchanged, we’re still at Asheville Catholic School in north Asheville.

Special requirements, please read carefully:

  1. Students must be vaccinated.  I don’t want to see the card, but you must confirm vaccination status in your RSVP.
  2. Classes will be mask optional for now, but you must be willing to train in a mask if case counts go back up.  (I mean covid masks, not fencing masks, haha)
  3. Ages are still 10+

If you are interested please RSVP by email at Your RSVP should indicate full names and ages (if not adults) for participants as well as vaccination status. I expect the class to fill up, we can only train so many people safely in the gym at once.

For the full details on the beginner class, please read here.

Please let me know by email above or by phone at 301-537-0211 if you have any questions.

Summer Session Schedule

Now that our spring beginner class is wrapped up, we’re going to transition to our summer schedule starting next week, 6/1/2022.

Our summer schedule will be:

7:00pm-7:30pm Group Training (Footwork and Bladework skills)

7:30pm-9:30pm Open Practice and Individual Training

Location is unchanged. Pricing is unchanged at $10 per class if you’re using club gear or $30 per month.

Beginners who just completed classes should attend group training and a portion of open practice. Fencers who currently attend Open Practice may also attend group training to work on their skills.

If you’d like an individual lesson at Open practice please feel free to ask one of the coaches and we will fit you in if at all possible.

For New Beginners, we will announce our fall beginner class schedule in August.

Spring 2022 Schedule

Please note the Spring schedule for 2022 is updated in the top right hand section. We will be on this schedule until School gets out in June.

Wednesday Practice:

6:30pm-7:40pm Beginner’s Class

7:30pm-8:45 Intermediate Foil Class and Open Foil Fencing (until 10pm)

8pm-10pm Epee Open Fencing

Please note that there is some overlap between classes, this is intentional. Vaccination and mask requirements will continue for all classes until USA fencing requirements are lifted.

Please call or email us with any questions!

Beginner Classes Delayed by Delta Surge

Due to the current rise in COVID-19 cases in NC, Fencing Club Asheville will delay our Fall beginner classes. Beginner classes are particularly challenging to run during a pandemic because of equipment and spacing considerations. Our open fencing offerings for fencers with previous experience (especially if you have your own fencing mask) are still available for vaccinated individuals.

When the COVID-19 cases start falling again and return to levels seen at the beginning of this summer we will announce a start date for the next beginner class. We will not maintain an RSVP list until a date for the next beginner course is announced, at which time it will be a first come first served process.

Be safe everyone, get the vaccine, and we hope to see everyone who expressed interest in classes back once the pandemic is fully over!

Foil and Epee move back indoors. Foil 6:30pm – Epee 8pm

Hi All,

We are opening Epee practice/ Open Fencing for adults who have completed the vaccination process. Practice time is currently 8pm-10pm. Location is Asheville Catholic School gym as usual, but parking/entrance is now next to the flagpole due to construction. This group is currently open to all fencers with previous epee experience who own their own jacket, glove and mask. Please reach out to us by email at before showing up since we’re trying to keep track of headcount for the gym size. COVID Breathing masks may be required to be worn under fencing masks. Please do not come early because the foil test group will have the gym until 7:45pm.

Our Foil group is practicing between 6:30pm-745pm. This group will include children ineligible for vaccination so COVID masks are required and the group size will be kept small. Please reach out to if you’re interested in joining that group, especially if you have previous experience at our club or another fencing club. Unfortunately, due to space and equipment issues, our beginner foil classes cannot run at this time. Next foil beginner class will likely be in the fall.

Update – Outdoor Private Lessons No Longer available

Fencing Club Asheville is resuming indoor activity at our normal location (Asheville Catholic School) Accordingly, private lessons outdoors will no longer be offered.

Some pandemic related restrictions will be in effect (see top post). Unfortunately, we can not run a beginner class at this time due to restrictions. It’s likely that our next beginner class will not run until the fall.

Update to the Update

It’s been two  five months, so we wanted to give a short update on the club’s status.

We are going to stay closed for the time being and will re-evaluate this policy in July September.   There will be no beginner class this summer and we will delay the fall beginner class to some degree.

Once we get closer to the beginning of September we will look at the USA Fencing guidelines for clubs and the State of North Carolina rules and guidelines for gyms and make a plan for re-opening.

For now, Stay healthy, Stay safe and keep practicing at home!