Last chance for Beginners to start until September is this Wed, 3/27

Our next group of beginners will start this week on Wed 3/27 from 7:00-8:15pm.

We are looking pretty tight on space so please email me at if you haven’t already reserved your spot.   At this point, we’re as full as we can get safely.  If you haven’t reached out to us today, you’ll have to wait until September to start.

After this week our next chance for beginners to start will be in September (although fencers with previous experience are always welcome).



End of Fall Beginner Session

Tomorrow will be the last class of our fall session.  All fencers from the fall session will be able to continue to Winter session as part of the intermediate group.

At practice we’ll have a brief discussion of what happens after a cycle of beginner classes.  The full scoop will be at the link below.  Please feel free to ask Bren any questions at the end of practice.

Intermediate and Open Fencing

RSVP for January Beginner Class Now

Our next chance for beginners to start is Wed, January 2nd, 2019 at 7pm.

If you would like to attend our free trial beginner class at this time, please email us to RSVP at

Once we get more RSVPs than we can safely squeeze into the gym we will close registration.

This applies to brand new beginners only.  If you have fenced with us previously, or have fencing experience in general please come back and fence with us either in the intermediate class or at open fencing.

Our next chance for beginners to start after January will be Wed March 27th.

Optional Practice on 10/31

Our next practice after tonight, falls on Halloween, 10/31.   Since many fencers have holiday events we are expecting very light attendance.   Beginners won’t miss anything in the normal class sequence if they choose not to attend that practice.

Bren will be around to give lessons at 7pm and Open fencing will happen as usual at 8pm, but we may close up early if attendance is spotty.   If you’re planning to come, please be on time so we don’t miss you if we close early.

If you’re planning to attend holiday events instead, Have fun and be safe!   Normal scheduled classes and practice will resume the first Wed in November, so get ready to sweat off those treats!

Membership Reminder

Please note that if you enjoyed the free class last week and want to keep going in our Fall Beginner class you need to complete the $10 USA Fencing Non-Competitive membership at the link below:

This is a requirement for all fencers at the club whether beginners or not.   Monthly dues are also payable by cash or check.

See everyone tomorrow!  Check out some of these bouts if you want to get excited about your first foil bout!