Non-Competitive USA Fencing Membership

Hi Everyone who attended our beginner class on Sept 7th. If you’re planning to come back next week and keep fencing with us, please complete a $10 NON-COMPETETIVE USA Fencing Membership at this link:…/show/698114-individual-membership

Please note that ALL experienced fencers must have also completed a non-competitive (or higher) membership for 2016-2017  to be in good standing with the club.

2 thoughts on “Non-Competitive USA Fencing Membership

  1. Phyllis Russell

    I am having difficulty completing the membership form. I have tried several different occasions. It won’t accept the passwords I am trying to make. Any suggestions?


    1. BrenFCAsheville Post author

      Unfortunately, it’s a third part website run by our national organization that I don’t really have much control over.

      Can you try the help or contact info on the page itself?



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