Paperwork: Waivers and USA Fencing Membership info

These forms are required for everyone’s FIRST time at FC Asheville:

US Fencing Trial Membership Info and Waiver

If it is your SECOND time at FC Asheville:

For members that attend Open Fencing regularly, you are required to have at least the $10 non-competitive USA Fencing membership to be covered by our insurance.   (if you are a full competitive member of USA fencing, you’re set.)    We will credit this $10 against your first month’s Open Fencing fee or floor fee.  If you ever upgrade to a Full Competitive USA Fencing membership, you can apply this $10 to that fee.

Sign Up for US Fencing Non-Competitive Membership Online

Link to print out the USA Fencing Membership Form.  Both USA Fencing and FC Asheville think it’s easier if you do the online version, but we will have these forms if you did not.

One thought on “Paperwork: Waivers and USA Fencing Membership info

  1. Sarah Hough

    I am planning to bring my son and daughter to their first lesson this upcoming Wednesday. I am unable to get the required paperwork to come up from your link. Can they be emailed to me or should we arrive early, if it starts at 7 maybe arrive around 630 or will no one be there yet? Who do we ask for since it’s our first visit?


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