Fencing Resumes August 28th – Sept 4th for Beginners

Fencing will resume on August 28th for all previous students who were practicing at any time in the 2018-2019 season.   If you fenced last year, you’ll be a member of the intermediate class (also 7pm-8pm) and/or be welcome to attend Open fencing (8pm-10pm) as you prefer.   Please talk to Bren if you have questions about what group is best for you.  Returning members must renew their USA Fencing membership at (at least) the $10 non-competitive level.

For New Beginners, the beginner class will start on September 4th.  Please RSVP by emailing fencingclubasheville@gmail.com.   (If we already emailed, no need to do it again.)  The first class is a free trial to see if the sport is right for you.   More details here: http://www.fencingclubasheville.com/beginner-classes/

After this session of the beginner class, the next chance for new beginners to start will be January 8th 2020.

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